Quiz: What To Expect After Undergoing A Cavity Treatment

When you go in to see your dentist for a cavity treatment, you can expect dedicated care, and you can look forward to treatment with modern materials. Your dentist will safely remove all signs of an infection from your tooth, and will then provide you with an advanced, life-like restoration capable of offering reliable protection. So what should you expect after undergoing treatment? Will you need to change the way you bite and chew, to avoid damaging your dental filling or dental crown? How long will your restoration last before you need a replacement? You can be relieved to know that the goal of any restorative work is to give you back your best dental function. You can trust your filling or crown to hold up against standard bite pressures, and you can depend on their support for many years.


True Or False: Your restoration will make your tooth look better, but you will have to avoid putting pressure on it any time you bite or chew.

True Or False: If you need a root canal treatment, you will receive a dental crown. A single-visit crown can be ready in less time, and it can closely match the appearance of your natural teeth.

True Or False: When you exercise good oral care, you can look forward to support from a restoration that will last for many years.


False! A restoration should be strong and secure enough to let you bite and chew using that tooth. If you do have troubles applying pressure after a cavity treatment, bring the problem to your dentist’s attention.

True! Modern technology makes it possible for your dentist’s office to have your crown ready for you in the course of just one appointment!

True! Your restoration is sturdy enough to stay in place, and stay strong, for many years.

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