Starting Young Children On Routine Dental Care

A child’s teeth will start to arrive shortly after they are born. Once this starts to take place, you will need to provide them with appropriate dental care. Although our first set of teeth will be replaced over time, these primary teeth still require protection from problems like tooth decay. You do not have to face the task of early dental care alone – you should plan a trip to the dentist when your child’s teeth begin to arrive. During these appointments, your dentist will be able to educate your child on oral health matters, and help them feel at ease in the dentist’s chair. These visits also help by allowing your dentist to check on their development, and watch out for possible problems that require treatment.

When Is It Time For My Child To Start Seeing The Dentist?

Once your child’s primary teeth start to arrive, you should schedule a visit to see the dentist. Initial visits typically put a strong focus on building a bond between dentist and patient, as your child’s sense of well-being is important. Because we focus on their comfort, kids can feel safe when they visit the dentist. Many kids are excited to learn that their first trip can end with their receiving a special prize!

If your child’s teeth have already started to come in, and they have not seen their dentist yet, there is no need to panic. While earlier appointments are beneficial, your dentist can still offer valuable support even if your child starts visiting when they are older.

We Make It Easier For Families To Schedule Appointments

We are always excited to start treating new patients, and we are ready to help young patients enjoy better oral health care. Because our office wants to be available to people, even when their schedules are hectic, we offer hours on the weekend, and evening availability. Patients – particularly those with young children – can have a tough time keeping up with appointments. By providing more accessible operating hours, we aim to make valuable dental care easier to enjoy.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Starting Routine Care For Your Child

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