Same Day Crowns – A Permanent Solution In Less Time

Dental crowns are meant to provide lasting support when you need to provide care for a vulnerable tooth. Often considered a part of cavity treatment, crowns are also effective when you need to do something about a tooth that has been damaged. A tooth that is affected by congenital issues that cause problems for your dental function may also require support from a crown. Because our dentist’s office provides crowns using CEREC technology, you can receive that valuable restorative support in a single visit! Patients who have to wait for a crown constructed by a dental lab can be left with a temporary crown, which can be uncomfortable.

Offering Lasting Protection For A Problem Tooth

Dental crowns are made to hold up for years against the biting and chewing pressures placed on your teeth. Made with CEREC technology, your crown will be able to mimic a natural tooth, so it offers cosmetic value for your smile. That being said, you should feel confident in your crown’s ability to protect a vulnerable tooth. Because serious dental damage can be irreversible, that lasting protection is vital.

Can A Same Day Crown Improve Your Smile?

CEREC dental crowns are made with ceramic. The material used for your restoration can imitate the appearance of natural enamel. Your crown can even match the color of your surrounding teeth, adding to its esthetic quality.

What You Should Expect From A Dental Restoration

A dental restoration should offer protection for many years. Smart preventive dental habits can help you ensure that your crown stays in good condition. One problem that can lead to damage to a restoration, and to your natural teeth, is bruxism. If you frequently grind your teeth, particularly at night, make sure you bring this to the attention of your dentist. Avoiding products that can cause discoloration will help you keep your crown from becoming stained.

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