Your Smile Deserves Expert Cavity Care

Expert cavity care can put a stop to decay, and spare your tooth from any further damage. Of course, the restorative dental treatment required to address a cavity is not just about that removal. One reason cavities are so concerning is that they cause irreversible damage, meaning the dental material you lost will not come back on its own. A dental filling or dental crown will need to be employed to make sure your tooth is protected, and stable enough to withstand the forces of biting and chewing. Your dentist can provide the restoration you need using modern materials that will preserve your smile.

Making Sure Your Tooth Is Fully Protected After A Cavity Is Removed

Once your restorative dental treatment is completed, you should be able to practice normal dental functions without having to exercise caution to protect your affected tooth. A filling made of composite resin is placed directly in the area where your cavity formed. The material used is able to blend in with your enamel, meaning you enjoy functional and cosmetic support. Your dental crown covers your tooth above the gum line. A CEREC dental crown is a life-like restoration that can effectively treat a tooth that has suffered more significant harm. CEREC technology makes it possible to produce your crown at your initial visit. This will prevent you from having to have a temporary crown put in place while you wait for your custom restoration to be completed.

Limiting Your Future Cavity Risk With Regular Dental Exams

Modern dental restorations are effective at supporting teeth without compromising your smile. That being said, the ideal approach to dental care will always be to avoid ever letting a cavity form. You can reduce your cavity risk by brushing and flossing effectively, and keeping a limit on the amount of sugar you consume. Regular dental exams are also beneficial to your smile, as you will receive valuable reviews, and thorough dental cleanings, which will help you avoid issues with tooth decay.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Receiving Expert Cavity Care

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