How Tooth Loss Leads To Oral Health Complications

Can tooth loss interfere with your daily life? Embarrassment over a gap – or gaps – in your smile can certainly impact your life by making you self-conscious. That being said, tooth loss can have a negative effect on your overall oral health, and cause frustrating interference with common dental functions. Fortunately, prosthetic dental work can lead to positive changes that improve your smile, and your dental function. When dental implants are included in your prosthetic work, you can enjoy impressive stability, while also protecting your jawbone from the deterioration that can occur in patients who lose teeth.

Will Your Dental Prosthetic Allow You To Bite And Chew Food Comfortably?

A stable prosthetic can help make it easier for you to bite and chew. This means you can enjoy more variety in your diet, and avoid lingering jaw pains that can develop when your bite is compromised. With a porcelain dental crown stabilized by a dental implant, you can avoid making awkward compromises when it comes to working around a lost tooth when you bite and chew.

Different Prosthetic Pieces Can Help With Different Degrees Of Tooth Loss

The right dental prosthetic can help you recover your full smile after experiencing tooth loss. An implant-supported crown or dental bridge can fill in a space in your smile where tooth loss has occurred. What you might not realize is that implants can actually be counted on to support dentures, too. With a sequence of implants strategically placed, it becomes possible to hold dentures. This means no dependence on epoxies or natural suction to keep your restoration properly secured. You can also benefit from the stimulation created by your implants, which will help sustain your jaw health. Without implants, patients who have lost teeth can see their jawbone suffer a loss of density, which can hurt your appearance, and interfere with your oral health.

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