Keeping Kids’ Smiles Healthy During The Holidays

The Christmas season can be packed with family and fun, not to mention plenty of tasty treats. Unfortunately, oral bacteria never take a holiday from threatening your smile, so preventive dental care is especially important at a time when more sugar is more prevalent. In particular, kids’ smiles can be particularly vulnerable at this time, as they tend to be more excited by goodies, and less effective at practicing daily dental care. Paying close attention to the brushing and flossing habits of younger kids can be beneficial. You should also make sure you have routine dental exams scheduled for kids. During these appointments, they can have their teeth professionally cleaned. Your dentist can also review smart oral hygiene practices with them.

Making Certain That Younger Kids Are Practicing Good Oral Hygiene

Your younger kids can face more cavity trouble during the holiday season simply because they are less skilled at brushing and flossing. This is a great time to step in and make sure they are keeping up with the following:

  • Make sure they take the time to fully brush their teeth
  • Make sure when they floss, the string moves vertically, not just back and forth
  • Make sure they clean their teeth at least twice every day, and practice diligent care each time

By verifying your kids are doing well to protect their teeth on a regular basis, you can lower their chances of suffering tooth decay.

Making Sure Regular Dental Exams Are Set For The New Year

Make sure you and your family members have routine dental care scheduled for the new year. At each appointment, you receive the kind of care that can help you avoid cavities, and protect yourself against gum disease. Visits for younger patients will allow your dentist to check on the development of their oral structures, and continue to offer preventive guidance. Adults can enjoy a detailed evaluation of their oral health, and can enjoy early detection and treatment if a problem does form.

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