Patients Who Don’t Floss Increase Their Oral Health Risks

What kind of daily oral care regimen should you practice if you want to keep your smile healthy? Brushing carefully and thoroughly will help you keep your teeth free of the plaque and food debris that can lead to cavities. However, if brushing is your only line of defense, you can leave the spaces between your teeth vulnerable to problems. This means a greater cavity risk, and a higher risk for developing gum disease, as bacteria between teeth can make their way below your gum line. If you want to fully clean your smile, make sure you floss on a daily basis, too. The care you provide yourself will make it easier to keep your gums healthy, while also giving you fuller cavity protection.

Flossing Allows You To Effectively Clean Spaces Between Teeth

A thorough brushing of your teeth can do considerable good, but brushes are less effective when you are trying to clean the areas where teeth meet their neighbors. To solve this, patients are advised to floss. When you do so, you can remove plaque and food debris your brush can easily miss.

Combining Daily Care With Professional Dental Services

If you want to make certain that your smile is in the best possible shape, you should look to your dentist for help. Combine your routine daily care with checkups, where your dentist can examine you for any possible concerns. Hopefully, each visit will lead to the conclusion that your teeth are in great shape. Unfortunately, this is not the outcome for everyone. If your dentist does catch a problem, it is worth noting that they can provide treatment earlier into a problem’s development. Because of this, they will be able to limit the severity of damage. Stopping a cavity early in its formation can help you avoid a root canal treatment. Addressing gum disease before the problem grows severe can help you avoid complications that can lead to tooth loss, and other concerns.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Help Preserve Your Oral Health

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