Month: December 2017

Take Advantage Of Free Family Day At Rochester Art Museum

On every first Saturday of the month, Rochester families can take advantage of Free Family Day at the Rochester Art Museum! During these special events, visitors to the museum are able to enter at no cost. In addition to this great deal, the Rochester Art Museum will have a number of different family-friendly activities planned… Read more »

Spending The New Year With An Improved Smile

Will 2018 be the year you commit to making positive smile changes? Many people form resolutions at the start of a new year, and will commit to making real improvements. With the aid of cosmetic dental work, you can see amazing changes to your overall appearance by treating problems that impact your smile. You can… Read more »

See Performances Of “The Robber Bridegroom” This January

This January, Rochester residents will be able to check out a live performance of “The Robber Bridegroom,” a classic bluegrass musical! There will be performances from Thursday, January 11 through 13, and Thursday, January 18-20. This classic musical romp will be a great chance to go out and start the new year with some serious… Read more »

Your Smile Deserves Expert Cavity Care

Expert cavity care can put a stop to decay, and spare your tooth from any further damage. Of course, the restorative dental treatment required to address a cavity is not just about that removal. One reason cavities are so concerning is that they cause irreversible damage, meaning the dental material you lost will not come… Read more »

How Tooth Loss Leads To Oral Health Complications

Can tooth loss interfere with your daily life? Embarrassment over a gap – or gaps – in your smile can certainly impact your life by making you self-conscious. That being said, tooth loss can have a negative effect on your overall oral health, and cause frustrating interference with common dental functions. Fortunately, prosthetic dental work… Read more »

Gaining Valuable Insights During A Second Opinion Visit

An initial recommendation concerning cosmetic dental work, or general dental care, might leave you with feelings of uncertainty. Many people who want to feel confident in their plan for dental treatment will seek out a second opinion appointment. This is often encouraged, simply because you should feel comfortable with a treatment plan, particularly one that… Read more »

Check Out Rochester’s Winter Farmer’s Market

Families in and around the Rochester area can enjoy a special winter Farmer’s Market, which provides an abundance of locally grown and sourced items. In addition to produce from local growers, the market will feature an assortment of hormone-free meats, select dairy products, baked goods, and other delectable items. You can check out the market… Read more »

Convenient Office Hours Make Care More Accessible

Your evenings and weekends can give you the opportunity to complete tasks that are difficult to tend to during the week. Between school for kids, and work for parents, it can feel like these are the only times where you can take care of errands, even important ones. Because we know how tough it can… Read more »

Taking Action To Repair Damaged Teeth

If you suffer a serious tooth injury, and find yourself in pain, you can be highly motivated to see your dentist for help. However, a smaller chip or crack in a tooth may not be enough to motivate some patients to seek immediate care. What you should realize is that dental damage can potentially weaken… Read more »

Find Out How Dental Bonding Can Improve Your Smile

You may be closer to making big cosmetic dental improvements than you realize. A relatively isolated flaw – for instance, a tooth that fails to match the color, condition, or size of its neighbors – is all it can take to disrupt your smile. To offset a problem like this, you can undergo a dental… Read more »