Too Much Halloween Candy Can Cause Frightening Smile Issues

Halloween can be full of spooky fun, but sugar’s threat to your teeth is more than just a playful concern. This holiday puts plenty of candy in front of us. Kids come home from trick-or-treating with bags full of goodies, and you may find more than a few desks at your office now have treats that are up for grabs. Of course, Halloween leads to Thanksgiving, which leads to a Christmas season that offers no shortage of opportunities to enjoy tasty, sugary items. Be mindful of how much candy you eat around Halloween, and make sure you are dedicating time and energy to thoroughly cleaning your teeth. Smart oral health habits can help you make sure your holiday fun does not lead to the formation of a cavity.

Keep Up With Good Oral Care Practices To Limit The Effects Of Sugar

When it starts to feel like candy is hiding around every corner, some indulgences are unavoidable. In these times, a good oral care regimen is highly important. If people tend to bring treats into your office, you may want to take the time to brush and floss during your work day. Drinking more water will also help you keep your mouth rinsed clean.

How Professional Preventive Dental Care Can Protect Your Smile

Routine dental care is important all year long, but it can be especially important to keep up with appointments around the holiday season. If you have a sweet tooth, your habits can lead to the formation of tooth decay. Your dentist is able to spot a cavity early in its formation, so your regular checkup can lead to a prompt treatment. If you put off a trip to the dentist’s office, you can make it possible for decay to grow to an advanced stage, which can leave you in need of a root canal treatment.

Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry Can Provide Expert Care For Your Teeth

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