Quiz: Receiving A Replacement Tooth (Or Replacement Teeth)

Just one missing tooth is all it takes to create serious oral health concerns, and potential problems with your appearance. You may have to modify how you approach biting and chewing food; in some cases, patients will find that tooth loss affects how they speak. These adjustments you make can lead to issues with your jaw joints that can create regular pain. Unfortunately, people who lose teeth can develop issues with jaw support, as their jawbone may deteriorate over time at the areas where gaps are present. Receiving a replacement tooth – or receiving several replacement teeth – can help restore your appearance, and improve your dental function. By securing a prosthetic with a dental implant, you can enjoy functional benefits, and even protect yourself against a deterioration of your jaw.


True Or False: If you have a dental implant placed, it will help stabilize your tooth, but you will need to remove your restoration when you eat, and when you go to bed.

True Or False: Your jawbone tissue at the site of a missing tooth can deteriorate over time, but you can avoid this by receiving an implant-supported prosthetic.

True Or False: A full denture can be supported by a sequence of strategically placed dental implants.

True Or False: Gum disease can interfere with your ability to receive dental implants.


False! A dental implant will make it possible to permanently secure your restoration. The support you enjoy will be strong enough to allow you to comfortably bite and chew food.

True! Implants create stimulation in the jawbone at these sites, which will protect you against this loss of density.

True! With a few smartly-placed implants will allow you to keep a full denture securely held, so that you can replace an entire row of missing teeth.

True! Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss. Unfortunately, it can also lead to complications if you are interested in receiving implants. Your dentist can talk to you about treating this condition, and moving forward with prosthetic work.

Count On Expert Support From A Replacement Tooth (Or Replacement Teeth)

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