Taking On Issues Created By Tooth Loss

If you fail to take action against tooth loss, you can leave yourself vulnerable to oral health concerns, while remaining self-conscious about your incomplete smile. Fortunately, there are solutions to this matter that can benefit how you look, while also improving your quality of life. Permanent prosthetic support can be achieved when you have dental implants placed. The implants will be set directly in your jawbone, and as you heal from that placement, your bone will actually fuse with them. These artificial tooth roots will keep dental prosthetics in position, providing enough stability to let you confidently use them in biting and chewing tasks. While they can serve to keep one replacement tooth in place, they can be beneficial for those who need to replace many teeth.

Problems That Can Occur When You Do Nothing About A Missing Tooth (Or Missing Teeth)

If you have less than a full set of teeth, you may experience complications with the way you bite and chew, and with the way you speak. You may have certain teeth that become excessively worn down because of a compromised bite. Because your remaining teeth are left with less support when they are next to a gap, they can be more easily lost. When you seek a permanent prosthetic replacement for a tooth – or for several teeth – these problems can be managed, in addition to your smile being improved.

Your Initial Appointment To Discuss Receiving Dental Implants

You need to go through an initial evaluation before your dentist can begin the process of supplying you with dental implants. This is necessary, as you may have problems that will complicate your placement. The health of your jawbone needs to be evaluated. If the bone is seen as weak, a graft may be necessary. It should be noted that this placement is a surgical procedure, so patients who cannot safely undergo surgery may need to pursue an alternative approach.

Talk To Calcagno Cosmetic And Family Dentistry About Addressing Tooth Loss

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