How Dental Crowns Protect A Broken Tooth

Dental crowns help patients who undergo cavity treatment, but they have other applications. In some cases, patients who need to replace a lost tooth will have a porcelain crown placed on a dental implant, which can effectively make a person’s smile complete again. Patients who suffer dental damage after an injury can also benefit from a crown. The purpose of this restoration is to take on biting and chewing pressures on a vulnerable tooth’s behalf, while also improving your appearance. With a crown in place, you are also able to avoid future infections that can occur when a tooth is harmed, particularly if it is cracked.

Your Crown Can Be Ready In One Appointment

With the availability of CEREC technology, your dentist has everything necessary to produce a dental crown in a single appointment. Your dentist is able to bring you in for one session, where they will take the appropriate measurements, use the information gained to design your crown, and produce it in the office. Once it has been constructed, you will be able to receive it. Because the crown produced is made from ceramic, you will have a restoration that looks like your regular tooth to a remarkable degree. While you can be glad to know your crown is esthetically pleasing, you can also be relieved to know it is constructed with the ability to hold up against biting and chewing pressures.

Count On Lasting Support From Your Restoration

When you receive a crown for a broken tooth, you should know that this is not a temporary form of protection. Your tooth will permanently need this support, as it will not mend on its own. With proper care, a CEREC crown can last for many years, and help you enjoy normal biting and chewing functions. If you want to ensure this long life, make sure you practice good oral hygiene, and be cautious about biting into substances that could be too hard, and cause damage.

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