Repairing Your Smile After Suffering A Broken Tooth

What can you do to repair a broken tooth? Dental damage like this is different from a broken bone – after all, a broken bone can repair itself with proper care. Of course, another concern you may have is that a broken tooth can effectively disrupt your smile. With proper restorative dental care, your dentist can help you recover from a broken tooth. Part of your care will involve protecting you against oral health worries. Because a crack or break in a tooth can expose you to endodontic concerns, your dentist will have to act to stop a potential infection from worsening your condition. You can also look forward to restorative work that improves the look of your tooth, so that your smile is not permanently disrupted.

Why Endodontic Care Is Important After Suffering Tooth Damage

Dental damage that exposes the interior of your tooth creates a real risk for an infection that can create serious problems. A root canal treatment can stop this threat by removing damaged or infected living tissue from your tooth after an injury. Your dentist will then seal your tooth’s inner chamber – your pulp – and provide a restoration for your tooth. Without this treatment, there is a real possibility your tooth’s condition will deteriorate, and can be lost.

Restoring Your Tooth – And Your Smile – With A Ceramic Crown

A ceramic crown will allow you to cover up a damaged tooth, and restore your appearance. The ceramic material is a close match for enamel, so it will fit in comfortably with your smile. Thanks to E4D technology, your dentist can actually provide your crown in a single appointment, meaning you will not have to wait for your final restoration. The tools are in place so you can have measurements taken, have your crown designed, and produced. Without this technology, patients can be stuck waiting on their permanent restoration while relying on a temporary crown.

Talk To Calcagno Family And Cosmetic Dentistry When You Suffer A Broken Tooth

A broken tooth can be serious trouble for your smile, and your oral health. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, Dr. Calcagno and her team are ready to help you fully restore your smile after this damage. To schedule a consultation, please call (507) 281-3659. Dr. Gilly Calcagno and our team proudly serve patients from Rochester, MN, as well as Red Wing, St. Charles, Winona, Farmington, Austin, and all surrounding communities.