Using A Cosmetic Treatment To Make Your Smile Brighter

Many people are concerned that the color of their teeth could stand to be improved. If you are counted among those individuals, you may have already tried to make improvements with toothpastes that promise to improve your smile’s brightness. You may have also attempted to make changes through whitening agents picked up at your grocery store or pharmacy. However, if you want big changes, you may want to discuss a professional whitening treatment with your dentist. Through this method, you can find that your smile is made significantly brighter, as your dentist uses whitening agents that can target staining agents store bought products fail to reach.

Why Professional Whitening Treatments Are Capable Of Making Big Changes

Professional whitening treatments are used to help people see dynamic changes to their smiles. Because store bought whitening products offer lower levels of peroxide compared to a professional treatment, you can be impressed by what a difference your dentist can make! A Kor Whitening procedure can combine in-office and at-home care to help you secure a smile that is up to sixteen shades brighter than before! Patients can also be pleased to learn that Kor Whitening boasts a reduced risk of tooth sensitivity.

Why Some Patients Use Treatments Other Than Whitening To Make Their Smiles Brighter

Some patients can come in for a consultation and learn that their discoloration stems from something other than stains left by different foods and drinks. Alternative cosmetic dental treatments can help with this issue. For teeth with intrinsic discoloration, affected by something other than staining agents on their enamel, porcelain veneers can be effective. When they are put in place, your veneers will effectively cover up the troublesome discoloration. Patients will sometimes choose to pursue veneers because they want help with discoloration, and with flaws that impact the shape and condition of their teeth.

Talk To Calcagno Family And Cosmetic Dentistry About Making Your Smile Brighter

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