Month: September 2017

Taking Part In The 2017 Invisalign Summit

At the 2017 Invisalign Summit, dental professionals were given several days’ access to current information regarding advances in Invisalign treatment. By taking part in this event, Dr. Calcagno was able to gain insights from some of the foremost experts in Invisalign treatment. What does that mean for you? This commitment to keeping up with modern… Read more »

Coming In For A Second Opinion

Are you concerned about recent news pertaining to your oral health? You may feel that an initial diagnosis is alarmingly severe. Of course, you may worry that a lack of concern is a problem, as you may still feel that an issue needs to be addressed. Many people will turn to a second opinion in… Read more »

Recovering From A Dental Emergency

If you suffer a dental emergency, you may fear that the process of recovering your smile will be a long and unpleasant one. The first thing you should know is that if you need urgent care, reach out to your dentist. They can make sure you have easy access to the care you need, so… Read more »

Addressing Tooth Loss With Dental Implants

People who suffer tooth loss can be unpleasantly surprised to learn how much of their daily life is impacted by this problem. You can run into recurring issues with eating, and even speaking, because of missing teeth. The compromises you make when you have to work around tooth loss can lead to a strain on… Read more »

Things To Do In Rochester This Weekend!

This weekend, Rochester residents will have plenty of opportunities to take part in local fun. You can enjoy live music, take advantage of the local food scene, and even find a place to get together and enjoy the Vikings game this Sunday! With temperatures into the 80s, it’s hard to imagine anyone wanting to stay… Read more »

How Dental Crowns Protect A Broken Tooth

Dental crowns help patients who undergo cavity treatment, but they have other applications. In some cases, patients who need to replace a lost tooth will have a porcelain crown placed on a dental implant, which can effectively make a person’s smile complete again. Patients who suffer dental damage after an injury can also benefit from… Read more »

Set A Time To Talk About Cosmetic Dental Treatment

You may not realize how much good one cosmetic dental treatment can do for your overall appearance. While there are several issues that can impact how a person’s smile looks, many patients can mistakenly assume that cosmetic care is only effective for improving the color of your teeth. What you can learn during a consultation… Read more »

Can You Enjoy Dental Care In The Evening?

Because so many of us have our schedules built around a full-time job that occupies our mornings and afternoons, it can be hard to find free time before the evening. If you are regularly at odds with a busy schedule, it may be tempting to drop any responsibilities that feel hard to fit into your… Read more »

Take Part In The Root River County Park Bird Walk

On Saturday, September 23, you and your family can enjoy a guided bird walk through Root River County Park. During this walk, you will be led through the many scenic walking trails available at Root River County Park. As you pass through, your guide can help you identify a number of different bird species native… Read more »

Weekend Dental Care Is Available

A person’s typical working week can leave little wiggle room to fit in a routine dental visit. Office commitments, errands, and other activities can fill up your calendar. If you have children, your commitments can really pile up. That being said, no matter how busy you become, your teeth still need – and deserve –… Read more »