Keeping Gum Disease At Bay

What steps should you be taking if you want to protect against gum disease? It can be helpful to consider how patients develop periodontal infections. Bacteria reside on our teeth. For some patients, some bacteria will move below their gum line, which creates issues. If you want to protect yourself against gum disease, keeping up with good hygiene will eliminate those bacteria before they reach your gum line. Preventive care is also important because you can prevent the formation of tartar – tartar at your gum line can make it easier for bacteria to travel below. If you exhibit signs of a possible periodontal infection, your dentist can provide a dedicated cleaning for your teeth below your gum line.

Gum Disease Can Affect Your Overall Health

Gum disease certainly has the potential to create trouble for your oral health. In fact, one reason it is so serious is that advanced gum disease is the leading cause for tooth loss in adults! That being said, there are also risks you face to your general health when you allow periodontal trouble to go unchecked. Diabetic patients who develop gum disease may find that this infection makes their blood sugar harder to control. There are also concerns that gum disease can increase your risk for major issues like cardiovascular problems, and Alzheimer’s.

How Do I Keep Gum Disease From Forming?

Smart preventive care through brushing and flossing can help you avoid developing gum disease. Removing plaque and food debris before they can cause problems will help you keep your periodontal tissue in good form.

What Your Dentist Can Do If You Show Signs Of Gum Disease

Advanced technology provides your dentist a means of looking closely for signs of periodontal trouble during preventive dental care visits. If you do exhibit signs of gum disease, your dentist can perform a deep cleaning, which involves both a cleaning of your teeth under your gum line, and a polishing of the surface, making it harder for future substances to stick.

Professional Dental Care Can Help You Deal With Poor Gum Health

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