Can Dental Implants Hold My Dentures?

Addressing tooth loss can bring back your complete smile, protect you from oral health worries, and revive your confidence in how you look. For patients who need to address the total loss of their upper or lower row of teeth, dentures can offer a valuable restoration. While they offer major improvements over total tooth loss, patients may be worried that dentures will be uncomfortable, or difficult to keep in their proper place throughout the day. For those who want to enjoy a truly comfortable – and secure – experience with dentures, dental implants can help. By supporting your dentures with implants, you can have your smile restored, and enjoy functional advantages brought on by the extra stability.

Receiving Your Dental Implants

Placing dental implants will first require a consultation with your dentist. They need to make certain you are capable of being approved for this placement. Some patients will have preexisting health issues that make oral surgery risky. In other instances, ongoing problems with gum disease or poor jawbone support will need to be addressed. When you are approved, a sequence of implants will be placed. The arrangement will be enough to provide steady support, so that you do not have to worry about your dentures feeling loose, or slipping while you wear them.

Restoring Your Complete Smile Offers Big Oral Health Benefits

Restoring your smile will make it possible to once again speak, bite, and chew with greater comfort. Implant-supported dentures can give you a real boost to your confidence, and improve your daily life. Implants actually supply unique benefits that a prosthetic alone will not supply. One big problem associated with tooth loss is a deterioration of your jawbone. When you have implants in place and creating stimulation, you can actually stop that breakdown from occurring. This helps you sustain oral support, and also prevents your face from taking on a “sunken” look, a problem common among those who lose teeth.

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