What Can Be Done About My Missing Tooth?

A smile marked by noticeable gaps can be cute when we see a child clearly waiting for their adult teeth to arrive. For adults, tooth loss can be embarrassing, and make you feel self-conscious. However, this issue creates more than just cosmetic problems. You can have more difficulty biting and chewing food, and you may suffer problems with speaking comfortably. Because your tooth root is missing, you may lose mass in your jawbone beneath that gap. With a dental implant, you can provide impressive support for a prosthetic tooth. Patients who receive dental implants to help deal with tooth loss can enjoy functional benefits, while feeling confident in their smile once again.

Providing The Added Support Of A Dental Implant

A dental implant can be used to hold a dental crown as a prosthetic, but implants are also capable of supporting a dental bridge, or even a set of dentures. With this added support, your restoration can be held with added stability, making it easier to rely on your prosthetic for functional tasks. Even a set of dentures can be easier to keep in place, so that issues with slipping and sliding are avoided. Implants also provide an important service by preventing the deterioration of your jawbone, a problem that develops when your tooth root is no longer in place and creating stimulation.

Why You Should Take Action To Address Tooth Loss

Leaving tooth loss without an answer can lead to real oral health troubles, and make you self-conscious about your appearance. Without the presence of a prosthetic, you also suffer a real risk of further tooth loss, and the development of TMJ problems. If you are waiting to seek treatment for tooth loss, you should know that complications may develop that make your placement harder. If too much of your jawbone has deteriorated, a grafting treatment may have to take place before you can have your implant procedure approved.

Talk To Dr. Calcagno If You Need To Replace A Missing Tooth

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