Month: August 2017

Keeping Gum Disease At Bay

What steps should you be taking if you want to protect against gum disease? It can be helpful to consider how patients develop periodontal infections. Bacteria reside on our teeth. For some patients, some bacteria will move below their gum line, which creates issues. If you want to protect yourself against gum disease, keeping up… Read more »

How Can I Prevent Tooth Loss?

One concern many people can have about aging is the possibility that they will suffer tooth loss. While you may be worried that you will face this problem when you are older, you may not be aware of what issues can increase your risk. The main reason people will lose teeth as adults is because… Read more »

Can Dental Implants Hold My Dentures?

Addressing tooth loss can bring back your complete smile, protect you from oral health worries, and revive your confidence in how you look. For patients who need to address the total loss of their upper or lower row of teeth, dentures can offer a valuable restoration. While they offer major improvements over total tooth loss,… Read more »

The Rochester Walk To Defeat ALS Takes Place On 9/9

On Saturday, September 9, the city of Rochester will host the Rochester Walk To Defeat ALS. This charity walk gives Rochester residents an opportunity to come together and spend the morning on a miles-long walk dedicated to raising funds to give to ALS research. This is the area’s largest organized donation effort put together by… Read more »

How Long Will It Take To Have My Crown Placed?

No one wants to undergo restorative dental work, but if you need this care, you presumably want it completed as soon as possible. With only the conventional resources at their disposal, many dentists will require that you schedule two appointments when you need a dental crown. The first appointment will see them prepare your tooth,… Read more »

What Should I Expect From A Filling?

What kind of support can you count on from a dental filling? Many patients can feel particular concerns when they learn they need to have a filling placed on a tooth. One issue is the fear that this restoration will be unsightly, and create a distraction that hurts their smile. Other patients can fear what… Read more »

Cavity Protection For Your Child’s Smile

Even if they only have their primary (“baby”) teeth, protecting your child against cavities is important. Tooth decay can create discomfort, and advanced forms of decay can create potential complications. You can help your child by making sure their teeth receive the daily care that they need, and by keeping up with their dental checkups…. Read more »

Check Out Rochester’s Historic Mayowood Mansion

Have you had an opportunity to explore Rochester’s historic Mayowood Mansion? You and your family can enjoy a guided tour through this iconic residence, and learn about the three generations of the Mayo family who resided there. The tour, roughly one hour in length, will allow you to explore this residence, learning about the structure… Read more »

Is It Time For My Child To Start Seeing The Dentist?

Once your child’s baby teeth begin arriving, it is time to pay attention to their dental needs. Even if they are temporary, it is important to ensure your child is protected from problems like tooth decay. If your child’s teeth have begun erupting, you can arrange to bring your child in for preventive dental visits…. Read more »

What Can Be Done About My Missing Tooth?

A smile marked by noticeable gaps can be cute when we see a child clearly waiting for their adult teeth to arrive. For adults, tooth loss can be embarrassing, and make you feel self-conscious. However, this issue creates more than just cosmetic problems. You can have more difficulty biting and chewing food, and you may… Read more »