How Do You Detect Cavities?

Every six months, we urge patients to see us for a routine checkup. During the visit, we will examine the teeth for signs of tooth decay, using advanced technology to watch for the earliest warning signs. How do we detect cavities? In addition, what warning signs should we be aware of?

Frequently Asked Questions About Detecting Cavities

  1. True or False: DIAGNOdent can identify the earliest stages of tooth decay.
  2. True or False: We also check the hardness of your tooth.
  3. True or False: Digital x-rays also provide a detailed view of your tooth.
  4. True or False: Toothaches could be a warning sign of a cavity.

Answer Key

  1. True. DIAGNOdent employs laser technology to identify areas of concern. We can then address a cavity in the earliest stages, often before it even forms! Doing so can help you avoid discomfort and the risk of an infection or dental abscess.
  2. True. Using a dental tool, we will gently prod the tooth and assess the hardness. Soft areas could be the result of enamel erosion or the early indicators of a cavity. Once again, we have the chance to place a filling or other restoration, protecting your smile. We can also discuss preventive measures to avoid the cavity from further developing.
  3. True. A digital x-ray uses up to 80% less radiation. In addition, the images are available instantly chairside, allowing the doctor to discuss treatment and concerns in greater detail with the patient. Instant images also mean no harsh chemicals and lengthy wait times for development.
  4. True. If you haven’t seen your dentist for a checkup or cleaning and you often experience tooth sensitivity or a toothache, then you could require treatment for dental decay. Schedule a visit right way to address the issue before it can progress and further threaten your tooth.

Do You Have Questions About Identifying Cavities?

We can use advanced technology o pinpoint tooth decay and treat the issue before it progresses! For more information about our treatments, from Invisalign braces to dental implants, contact our team today. Schedule a consultation by calling Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN, today at (507) 281-3659.