What Does An Aching Tooth Mean?

Patients often schedule visits after experiencing serious discomfort. They may come to us asking, “What does an aching tooth mean?” Well, in most cases it suggests the presence of a cavity, which requires treatment to address. Since many children now have Easter baskets filled with sugary candies, toothaches and decay could be in their near future!

Frequently Asked Questions About Toothaches

Question: What causes tooth pain?

Answer: A variety of factors can lead to tooth pain. For example, a sinus infection can cause a temporary ache. But the most common cause is tooth decay. When a cavity causes pain, the discomfort is persistent and doesn’t fade. A cavity can be the result of poor oral hygiene or possibly injury to the tooth/teeth grinding.

Question: When should I see the dentist?

Answer: If you notice a toothache and the discomfort doesn’t fade after 48 hours, then schedule a visit. A persistent ache could be a sign that a cavity or possibly an infection has formed. Treatment is crucial to protect the smile from premature tooth loss and further discomfort.

Question: What treatments will the doctor recommend?

Answer: for cavities, we typically place a dental filling. Made from metal-free composite resin, this lifelike option can be placed in one visit and protect the smile. Should your discomfort be the result of an infection, we can correct the problem with a root canal procedure.

Question: What happens if I ignore discomfort?

Answer: Without treatment, the issue can grow worse until the tooth becomes infected. At this point, a root canal is necessary, otherwise the tooth could require removal to prevent infection from reaching surrounding teeth or moving into the jawbone. If you have any questions about toothaches or addressing cavities, then please contact our office today. We want to help you enjoy a healthy and beautiful smile, one free pf decay!

Do You Have a Toothache?

We can pinpoint the cause of your discomfort and recommend immediate treatment options. For more information about our treatments, from Invisalign braces to dental implants, contact our team today. Schedule a consultation by calling Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN, today at (507) 281-3659.