What Impact Does An Uneven Smile Have?

An uneven smile can have a major impact on your overall oral health. Without treatment, crooked or crowded teeth can lead to serious complications. Fortunately, we can help address misalignment with a unique and barely visible orthodontic system.

Try Our Quiz on Correcting Uneven Smiles

  1. True or False: Multiple factors can lead to misalignment.
  2. True or False: Uneven smiles can lead to oral health complications.
  3. True or False: We can address the issue with Invisalign.
  4. True or False: The aligners are comfortable and barely visible.

Answer Key

  1. True. Misalignment can develop as a result of problems during eruption (such as the shape/size of your mouth), tooth loss, injury to the face or jaw, premature loss of baby teeth, or wisdom tooth eruption. Part of your treatment will involve pinpointing the cause and severity of your misalignment.
  2. True. First, crooked or overlapping teeth can make brushing and flossing difficult, leading to a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease. The strain misalignment places on the jaw joints can lead to a greater chance of TMJ disorder and/or bruxism developing.
  3. True. Instead of metal orthodontics, we can recommend a series of clear plastic aligners. Worn every day, the aligners will reposition your teeth to correct misalignment. Every two weeks you will upgrade to a new set, with a total treatment time of a year to 18 months, depending on the cause/severity of your alignment issues.
  4. True. The aligners are custom-made using plastic, ensuring they fit comfortably and don’t cause the same gum and cheek irritation common with metal orthodontics. In addition, patients enjoy the fact that when worn, they are barely noticeable. If you have any questions about our clear aligners, then please contact our office today. Dr. Calcagno is an Invisalign Preferred Provider, with experience correcting smiles using this unique treatment option.

Ready to Correct Your Uneven Smile?

Our team can correct uneven smiles using the practically invisible Invisalign system. Schedule a consultation by calling Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry in Rochester, MN, today at (507) 281-3659.