How Do You Practice Preventive Dentistry?

Have your ever heard the term “preventive dentistry?” This refers to procedures, as well as homecare, designed to maintain a healthy smile and avoid the onset of common oral health problems. What can you do from home to keep your smile healthy? How often should you see the dentist? Understanding preventive dentistry can help you take the proper steps to care for your smile.

Brushing and Flossing

Part of your preventive maintenance should include brushing and flossing. Each day, you need to wake up and brush your teeth for two minutes. Before going to bed, you need to once again brush for two minutes. In addition, your bedtime routine should also include flossing each side of every tooth. These steps help remove food particles and harmful bacteria from your teeth, limiting the amount of plaque that can form and harden in between your dental checkups and cleanings.

Checkups and Cleanings

Every six months you need to see the dentist for an exam, in which the doctor looks for the warning signs of possible problems. In addition, a cleaning is performed, which removes the tartar (calcified plaque) that a toothbrush and floss tape cannot remove. When completed every is months, these preventive treatments can help protect teeth from decay, infection, and even gum disease.

Avoiding Harmful Foods and Drinks

You should also watch how you eat. Foods high in sugar and other starches can leave particles for bacteria to break down, a process that often leads to decay and/or gingivitis. You should also cut back on drinks with high amounts of sugar or acid, such as soda, energy drinks, sports drinks, and yes, even fruit juice.

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