How Do I Keep My Kids’ Smiles Healthy?

As a parent, few things are as important as the health and happiness of your children. We understand this and offer quality children’s dentistry for little ones of all ages, from infants to teens. Besides ensuring daily brushing and flossing, what can parents do to keep their kids’ smiles healthy? What treatments do we offer to help safeguard little smiles against cavities or gingivitis?

Frequently Asked Questions About Keeping Kids’ Smiles Healthy

Question: Do kids need checkups?

Answer: Yes! Like adults, children benefit from regular checkups every six months. Benefits are twofold: First, the doctor can examine the teeth, identify the risk of oral health concerns, and offer treatment. Second, these routine visits allow the dentist to instill good dental habits while the child becomes accustomed to the visits, reducing dental anxiety.

Question: Do you offer preventive treatments?

Answer: Yes! We offer preventive treatments to help strengthen teeth and protect smiles against the risk of tooth decay. We may use a fluoride treatment to improve the teeth’s natural defenses against harmful bacteria. A dental sealant involves coating the rear milers in a special plastic, which prevents food from becoming stuck between the teeth and reduces the risk of cavities.

Question: Will my children be comfortable?

Answer: Yes. We take steps to ensure children feel calm and relaxed. We explain every step of the procedure and are happy to address their questions. We also have local anesthetic for more involved treatment and offer sedation to help calm children with serious anxiety.

Question: Should younger kids have their teeth cleaned?

Answer: Yes. A cleaning removes plaque from the teeth, which can accumulate on kids of all ages. Removing plaque reduces the chances of cavities forming or gingivitis developing. If you have any questions about our approach to children’s dentistry, contact our team today.

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