How Natural Do Implants Look?

People often wonder how natural a dental implant actually looks. Will the new tooth actually blends seamlessly with the rest of the smile? In addition to unrivaled security, dental implants also have a very lifelike appearance. For that reason, we often recommend them when replacing one or several teeth. But what makes them so lifelike?

Design and Placement

One of the keys to this option’s natural appearance is placement. Unlike other prosthetics, which are removable or may be held in place with suction or crowns, this option is inserted into the jawbone. The implant then bonds with the bone tissue, like a natural root, stimulating jawbone growth in the process. The new jawbone growth prevents further tooth loss or an aged appearance, which can often occur following tooth loss.

Restoration and Prosthetics

Once the root portion is placed and bonds with the bone tissue (typically over a period of three to six months) we can add a restoration. We place an abutment onto the post, which holds a dental crown in place. The crown is custom-made to blend with your smile and look completely natural. Should we be replacing multiple missing teeth, we may create a lifelike prosthetic that attaches to multiple implant posts.


What steps do you need to make to ensure your new tooth continues to offer a lifetime of natural looking replacement? Maintenance is simple, brush your teeth twice a day and always floss before bed. Every six months you should also make time to have your teeth examined and cleaned. By doing so, you protect your smile from periodontal disease, which could threaten your smile and possibly cause implant loss in the advanced stages. If you have any further questions about dental implants, then contact our team today.

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