How Does Invisalign Straighten Smiles?

Have you ever heard of Invisalign? More and more people are becoming familiar with this orthodontic innovation, which corrects smiles without the need for metal braces. For adults and teens, this is definitely a preferable option. But how does Invisalign correct smiles? Is this option right for you?

The Causes and Dangers of Misalignment

Misalignment can form for a variety of reasons, such as injury, premature tooth loss, or even the shape and size of the mouth. When your smile becomes uneven, then you may have trouble properly brushing and flossing your teeth, which allows tooth decay and gum disease to form. In addition, misalignment can place strain on the jaw joints, leading to a greater risk of TMJ disorder and bruxism. Finally, you may simply feel embarrassed about your smile due to your its appearance.

The Invisalign System

Invisalign doesn’t use metal brackets and wires. Instead, a series of clear plastic aligners are created. Each day, the patient wears the aligners for between 20 and 23 hours, upgrading to a new set about once every two weeks. Total treatment time will depend on the severity of misalignment, but could take between a year and 18 months. Dr. Calcagno is proud to be designated an Invisalign Preferred Provider for her work in correcting smiles of children, teens, and adults with these custom-made aligners.

Benefits of Clear Braces

The system offers a number of advantages over more traditional means of smile correction. For example, being able to remove them means you don’t need to avoid certain foods. You can also enjoy an easier time brushing and flossing your teeth. The aligners are also practically invisible, a major benefit to adult and teen patients. If you have any questions about clear aligners, then please contact our office today.