How Do I Avoid Tooth Decay In 2017?

In addition to losing weight or tackling a new hobby, why not resolve to protect your teeth from tooth decay in 2017? With a few simple changes to your day-to-day life you can safeguard your smile from the onset of cavities. In doing so, you can also help them stay brighter in the process!

Frequently Asked Questions About Avoiding Tooth Decay

Question: What causes cavities in the first place?

Answer: Tooth decay forms when bacteria bypasses the outer layer of tooth enamel either as a result of a damaged tooth or a tooth weakened by poor oral hygiene. Once the cavities form, you may experience tooth sensitivity and eventually, a toothache. Without treatment, your tooth can become infected.

Question: Will certain foods and drinks increase my risk?

Answer: Yes. When you consume foods and drinks high in sugar and other starches, bacteria can break down the particles left behind on and between your teeth, increasing oral acidity and coating teeth in a sticky biofilm known as plaque. We suggest avoiding candy, chips, soda, energy drinks, or sports drinks, choosing healthier snack options (nuts, dairy products, vegetables, fruits) and water instead.

Question: Should I be seeing the dentist more frequently?

Answer: Yes, you should be seeing your dentist once every six months. During these preventive visits, the doctor can identify the presence of decay and recommend treatment before the problem can progress. In addition, the doctor can perform a dental cleaning, removing plaque and reducing the risk of decay forming.

Question: How do I care for my smile at home?

Answer: You should start by brushing your teeth in the morning and again at night, at least two minutes per session. You also need to floss each night before bed. These habits can help reduce the severity of plaque buildup and remove food particles.