The Health Risks Of Tooth Loss

We always urge our patients that have suffered tooth loss to address the situation immediately. Missing teeth impact more than just your appearance, your entire health can suffer. There are a number of health risks related to tooth loss, from poor nutritional intake to developing a significantly older appearance. Remember, we can help replace your missing teeth with lifelike dental implants.

Poor Nutrition

When you lose multiple teeth, you can have trouble eating a large variety of foods. You can be forced to subsist mainly on a diet of softer foods, which deprives your body of essential nutrients. Poor nutrition can have a negative impact on your overall health, not just your smile.

Facial Collapse

Once your body takes note of a missing tooth root, the flow of phosphorus and calcium to the surrounding jawbone is suspended. Without these nutrients, the jawbone tissue dissolves, causing further tooth loss and the loss of jawbone density. Eventually, you can develop sunken cheeks, a ptotic chin, and other issues that can lead to an older looking appearance.


Even missing a single tooth can lead to problems. Due to the gap in your smile, the surrounding teeth may drift from their positons. Misalignment can lead to a host of problems, including TMJ disorder and bruxism due to the pressure exerted on the jaw joints. Since crooked and crowded teeth make thorough brushing and flossing nearly impossible, a greater risk of tooth decay and gum disease develops. However, by replacing your lost tooth in a timely manner you can avoid these potential outcomes. If you have any questions or would like to discuss dental implants, then please contact our office today.