Month: January 2017

Can Anyone Receive Dental Implants?

Losing even a single tooth can mean serious complications for your oral health, including an aged appearance. In order to address this, we may recommend a dental implant. Can anyone receive a dental implant? There are a number of factors we take into account before prescribing dental implants.

Do You Need Invisalign Or Braces?

We’ve discussed before how an uneven smile can lead to poor oral health, as well as embarrassment. Most people assume that metal braces are their only option for addressing the issue. However, we can offer an alternative that is barely noticeable and much more comfortable. Do you need an Invisalign or braces to correct your… Read more »

Fun Family Events In Rochester, MN

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we like to use our blog to remind our patients about all of the fun, family events taking place in Rochester. In addition, remember that we offer a wide array of cosmetic treatments, so we can help you brighten your smile just in time for Valentine’s Day.

What Happens At A Kid’s Checkup?

We often blog about the importance of checkups and dental cleanings. While most of our blogs are addressed towards older audiences, kids benefit from these preventive visits as well. What happens at a kid’s checkup? Why are these visits so essential for children?

Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

Just like you, your children can develop cavities that require immediate attention from a dentist. However, some parents believe that since these teeth eventually fall out and are replaced, you can simply ignore a cavity. While that may sound true, the fact is that baby teeth need fillings too. Otherwise, your child could suffer severe… Read more »

Can You Repair A Broken Tooth?

Our teeth are very strong, but unfortunately, they are not invincible. When a tooth becomes chipped, cracked, or broken, you need to see your dentist right away for a restorative solution. How do we fix a broken tooth? Employing both cosmetic and restorative dentistry, we can restore a tooth to full function and appearance, often… Read more »

Do I Need Dental Implants Or A Dental Bridge?

Don’t feel like you have to live with tooth loss. There are many options available to help improve your smile and replace your missing teeth. For example, we offer both dental bridges and dental implants. Which option is best for your smile? Who qualifies for dental implant placement?

Community Events In January

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we feel proud to serve such a unique and wonderful community as Rochester. There is so much to do for families in Rochester, so we want to highlight a few fun events taking place this weekend. In addition, feel free to schedule a visit for a checkup or cleaning…. Read more »

Invisalign Vs. Metal Braces

Do you have teeth that crowd or overlap? If so, you may feel uncomfortable showing your smile when you laugh or for pictures. Instead of hiding your smile, and experiencing a higher risk of oral health complications related to misalignment, why not seek orthodontic treatment? We can actually correct smiles with a series of clear… Read more »

5 Tips For Improving Gum Health In 2017

As part of your approach to maintaining healthier smiles in 2017, you need to make sure you pay attention to your gums. Poor gum health can lead to serious discomfort, as well as a risk of tooth loss. Fortunately, there are a number of tips for improving gum health in 2017.