Do You Have Frequently Asked Questions About Crowns?

We have a number of restorations we recommend to address problems with a tooth. For example, we often use a dental crown to restore the function, health, and appearance of one or more teeth. Do you have questions about crowns? Would you like to learn more about the design and placement of these restorations?

FAQs About Dental Crowns

Question: Will they fixed decayed teeth?

Answer: Yes. For minor cavities, we often recommend a filling. However, in severe cases a more substantial restoration may be necessary. A crown fits over the entire visible portion of the tooth, allowing us to address advanced decay, as well as dental infections.

Question: What other issues can they address?

Answer: We can place them to correct cosmetic issues with the shape and color of the tooth. We can also use them to repair broken, cracked, or worn down teeth, protecting them from oral health complications, including cavities and infections.

Question: How long does receiving one take?

Answer: In the past, you would need between two and three visits. However, we can now use CEREC technology to create and place one in a single visit. We prepare the teeth and then take digital impressions. The images gathered are used to make a 3D model, which is loaded into the CEREC machine. The machine then mills the tooth. The restoration will be made from a lifelike and stain-resistant ceramic, ensuring the repaired tooth will blend with your smile.

Question: How strong will my restoration be?

Answer: We use porcelain because in addition to a natural looking appearance, the material can withstand powerful bite forces and pressures. As a result, your restoration can last for decades with proper care and attention. If you have any questions or if you would like to schedule a visit, then please contact our office today.