Can You Improve My Smile Before The Holidays?

While many people wish they could show off a bright smile at their office party, most assume there isn’t enough time. However, we have a number of cosmetic and restorative procedures that can repair or brighten teeth in a single visit. Let us help you enjoy a more beautiful smile before the holidays, contact our office today.

Erasing Discoloration

If you have stained teeth, we can offer an at-home solution. First, you undergo an initial office visit. We then send you home with a set of trays and a bleaching gel. After a few days of wearing the gel-filled trays for one to two hours a day you may notice brighter teeth. For optimal results, you need one to two weeks of wearing the trays.

Repairing Damaged Teeth

If you have a chipped, broken, or fractured tooth, we can help. For minor chips, we can use a composite resin to restore tooth structure, correcting the problem in one visit. If you have broken or fractured teeth, then we can place a natural looking dental crown in a single visit using CEREC technology.

Reshaping Teeth

Likewise, crowns and bonding can be used to help reshape a tooth. We can also use contouring, which involves buffing away a small amount of surface structure to remove pits or grooves in the tooth’s surface. We can also use contouring to blunt overly pointed teeth. As with bonding and crowns, this can be completed in a single visit.

Smile Transformation with One Procedure

By placing a thin veneer of porcelain onto the front of the teeth, you can change the color and shape of the teeth. You can also close gaps between teeth and correct the appearance of minor misalignment. If you have any questions or would like to see which cosmetic procedures can help you, remember that we offer a free cosmetic consultation.