Ready For Veneers?

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we understand the importance of a beautiful smile. From our free cosmetic consultations to our variety of different treatment options, we want to ensure our patients enjoy esthetically pleasing, and healthy, smiles. One option for addressing multiple esthetic concerns is dental veneers. Are you ready for veneers? How do they improve your smile’s appearance?

Frequently Asked Questions About Veneers

Question: What are they made from?

Answer: Our veneers are made from porcelain, a stain-resistant and powerful material that can withstand serious bite forces. The material also reflects light in a similar manner as natural tooth enamel. Finally, we can shade the material to ensure your new restoration blends seamlessly with your smile.

Question: How do they improve my smile’s appearance?

Answer: When we place them onto the front of the tooth, they completely change the tooth’s shape and color. As a result, we can use them to repair chipped teeth, lengthen worn down teeth, and reshape malformed teeth. They can mask permanent teeth stains and close any gaps between the teeth. Finally, we can use them to correct the appearance of minor misalignment.

Question: Can anyone receive them?

Answer: Most people with esthetic issues can benefit from veneer placement. However, we will examine your smile and assess the cause/severity of your cosmetic issues. From there, we can decide if they are the best choice for your smile.

Question: How do they compare to dental bonding?

Answer: Veneers are stronger and more lifelike, however in some cases we may suggest bonding as a cost0effective alternative for fixing chipped teeth or for masking stains on the less visible teeth. If you have any questions about our restorations or any of our other cosmetic treatments, please contact our office today.