Do You Have FAQs About Teeth Whitening?

For patients with stained teeth, cosmetic dentistry can help address the problem and brighten smiles. But how does the procedure work? Who can receive cosmetic whitening? If you have questions about teeth whitening, we’re here to answer them and to help you obtain a brighter, more attractive smile.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Teeth Whitening Procedures

Question: Can anyone receive teeth whitening?

Answer: We recommend teeth whitening for anyone that has discoloration on their teeth. However, some people have severe intrinsic stains, which form below the enamel. Some may respond to teeth whitening but if not, we may suggest masking the stains with a restoration (such as veneers) or with dental bonding.

Question: How does the procedure work?

Answer: Treatment begins with an initial office treatment. We will create a set of custom-made trays and send them home with the patient, along with a powerful bleaching gel. Each day, the patient will fill the trays with gel and wears them for about one to two hours. After a week to ten days, the patient returns to the office for a final office treatment, but can keep the trays and remaining gel for touch-ups down the road.

Question: Can I get the same results from store bought products?

Answer: Rarely. In fact, most people who use over-the-counter solutions find the results aren’t as dramatic and don’t last nearly as long. In addition, store bought systems can lead to sensitivity, as well as gum irritation.

Question: How do I keep my smile bright?

Answer: Once you complete the whitening procedure you can take steps to help keep your smile bright. We recommend you brush your teeth and floss every day. You should also cut back on sugary foods and drinks. Finally, always make time for a professional cleaning every six months.