What Whitening Solution Will Work For You?

With the holidays approaching, people are often asking about solutions for discoloration. You want to attend your office parties and holiday events with a brighter smile and we want to help. What whitening solutions will work best? We have a number of options for improving the shade of your smile.

Frequently Asked Questions About Whitening Solutions

Question: Should you try professional teeth whitening?

Answer: If you have discoloration that makes you feel self-conscious, then talk to your dentist. We can offer a free cosmetic consultation. We will examine your teeth to see if you benefit from cosmetic treatment. After discussing our smile goals, the doctor will then discuss which options will best brighten your teeth.

Question: Are there downsides to OTC systems?

Answer: The results aren’t as dramatic as those gained with professional options. In addition, the results rarely last very long. Patients also often company of tooth sensitivity and gum irritation from using over-the-counter products.

Question: Will a restoration help?

Answer: In some cases, you may have intrinsic discoloration, which means the stains form below the enamel. Instead of teeth whitening, we may need to mask them with a restoration, such as a lifelike dental veneer. The veneer is a thin shell of porcelain placed over the front of the teeth to correct issue with the tooth’s color and shape. Of course, we will assess the cause and severity of our stains in the initial consultation, allowing us to decide whether you need whitening or a restoration.

Question: Can you mask stains in one visit?

Answer: We can with dental bonding. Using the same material we use for white fillings, we can mask discoloration. We may recommend this as a cost-effective alternative to veneers for teeth near the back of the mouth.