How Often Should Kids See A Dentist?

Children need routine dental care to maintain healthy and happy smiles, just like adults. We offer checkups, cleanings, and preventive procedures to help safeguard young smiles against common oral health issues, such as cavities and gingivitis. How often should kids see the dentist? What happens during these visits?

Frequently Asked Questions About Kids Seeing the Dentist

Question: When should the first visit be?

Answer: One your child’s first tooth erupts, the time to see the dentist arrives. We recommend the first visit occur within six months of the initial baby tooth’s arrival. The initial visit involves examining the child’s mouth the make sure teeth are arriving correctly, as well as to introduce the baby to the dentist.

Question: How often should kids visit the dentist?

Answer: Following that initial visit, your little one should see the doctor once every six months. The doctor can then monitor your child’s oral health, looking for signs of developing problems and then addressing them in the earliest stages. In addition, these routine visits will help children become accustomed to seeing the dentist, promoting good oral health and reducing the risk of dental anxiety.

Question: Will my child need a cleaning?

Answer: We may suggest a cleaning during these visits. A cleaning allows the doctor to remove plaque buildup from the teeth. Otherwise, plaque can weaken tooth enamel and increase the chances of decay forming. In older children, plaque buildup can also irritate the gums, leading to the onset of gingivitis.

Question: What are signs my kid should see the dentist between checkups?

Answer: If in between visits your child complains of sensitive teeth or a persistent toothache, bring him/her to our office. Pain that doesn’t subside after 48 hours may potentially be an indicator of tooth decay and require immediate attention.