Which Whitening Option Is For Me?

Instead of taking steps to hide your smile, why not address your embarrassing discoloration? Professional solutions can remove stains or mask them, helping you enjoy a brighter smile. At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we offer a number of options for brightening smiles. Which whitening option is for you?

Deep Bleaching

One of our more popular solutions for removing discoloration, KoR Deep Bleaching can remove both surface stains and minor intrinsic discoloration (stains that form below the enamel). The process begins with an initial office treatment. During this visit we will also take impressions of the teeth and create a set of whitening trays. We will also prescribe a powerful bleaching gel.

At home, you will fill the trays with gel and wear them daily for the amount of time the doctor recommends. After a week to ten days, you will undergo a final office treatment. You can keep the trays and remaining gel for future touch ups.

Dental Veneers

We mentioned intrinsic discoloration briefly above. These stains form below the enamel, often the result of injury, fluorosis, or tetracycline use. They may not respond to teeth whitening. However, we can mask them with veneers. We place thin shells of porcelain onto the front of the teeth, which reshape the teeth and improve their shade. They are stain-resistant and with the proper care and attention, can last for decades.

Cosmetic Bonding

While veneers work great for the front facing teeth, we can use cost-effective dental bonding to mask stains on the rear teeth. With bonding, we place a composite resin onto the teeth to cover the stains. We can also use the material to repair chipped teeth or close gaps between teeth. While veneers take about two visits to place, bonding can be completed in a single visit.