Ready For Our Expanded Hours?

Did you know that our office provides expanded hours for our patients’ convenience? No? Well, unfortunately we’re not surprised. Few people seem to know about our weekend and evening hours. However, with today’s blog we hope to spread the word and let people know they can see us without missing work or school! Ready for our expanded hours?

Frequently Asked Questions About Expanded Hours

Question: Do you have evening hours?

Answer: Yes! In fact, our late afternoon hours on Friday are some of our patients’ most popular times for scheduling a visit. We’re open until 6pm on Monday and Tuesday and until 7pm on Wednesday and Thursday. On Friday, you can see a dentist until 4pm. We offer these later times to help kids in school not get behind while taking care of their smiles and to prevent adult patients from losing precious sick days for dental appointments.

Question: Can I see you on the weekend?

Answer: Yes! You can schedule a visit on Saturday from 7am until 2pm. Once again, weekend hours provide an opportune time to see the dentist without conflicting with either work or school. Simply give us a call.

Question: How do I schedule an appointment?

Answer: There are multiple options for making an appointment. First, you can simply call the office and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff members. Second, you can visit this page on our website and fill out an online form. We will then contact you for more details and/or confirmation.

Question: Do you offer free cosmetic appointments?

Answer: Yes! If you’re a new patient interested in improving the beauty of your teeth and gums, then contact our office. We offer free cosmetic consultations, during which the doctor will meet with you to discuss your goals and then examine your smile to see what cosmetic treatments will best benefit your smile.