Are Dental Crowns Cosmetic?

As part of our approach to restorative dentistry, we provide dental crowns to restore a tooth to full function and health. However, we can also use restorative procedures for cosmetic purposes, improving the shade and shape of the teeth. Are dental crowns cosmetic? Will the restoration blend with your smile?

FAQs: Can Crowns Be Cosmetic?

Question: When do we need one?

Answer: Typically, we recommend a dental crown in response to a problem with a tooth’s function or health. We may place one to address severe tooth decay, infection, or repair chipped/cracked teeth. We can also use them to restore a single tooth dental implant or to secure a dental bridge.

Question: Can we use them for cosmetic purposes?

Answer: Yes. A crown can be used to reshape a malformed or seriously damaged tooth. They also mask permanent discoloration and by helping with tooth replacement, allow you to enjoy a whole smile again. This procedure definitely offers cosmetic benefits.

Question: What are they made from?

Answer: We use ceramic due to the material’s strength and stain-resistant nature. The material also offers the same translucent appearance as natural tooth enamel. The restoration will blend with your smile.

Question: How long does placement take?

Answer: In the past receiving a restoration meant making time for two to three visits. However, we employ the CEREC system, which uses CAD/CAM technology to allow the dentist to design and fabricate a crown in a single visit. We then check the fit, make any last minute adjustments, and place the restoration in the same visit. You will receive a custom-made and lifelike crown in one sitting. If you have any questions about our approach to cosmetic dentistry, then please contact our office today. Remember, we offer new patients a free cosmetic consultation.