Can Bonding Fix My Tooth?

Have you recently chipped a tooth? A damaged tooth can be a bit embarrassing and impact your smile’s appearance. However, damaged teeth can also impact your oral health and potentially place your tooth at risk. Fortunately, we have cosmetic treatments available to restore your tooth to its former glory. Can cosmetic bonding fix your tooth?

The Dangers of Damaged Teeth

How does a simple chipped tooth endanger your oral health? Most chips are very minor, but some may be serious enough to allow bacteria to reach the inner layers of dentin, allowing tooth decay to form and without timely treatment, a greater risk of dental infection. To preserve the tooth and prevent the onset and spread of infection we may suggest fixing the tooth right away.

How Does Cosmetic Bonding Fix Teeth?

First, we need to clean the tooth and remove any decay. We may then etch the tooth surface to allow the material to better adhere to the tooth. We then apply multiple layers of composite resin (the same material we use in tooth-colored fillings). The dentist will shape and sculpt the material as it cures under a light. Finally, the tooth is polished for a more natural looking appearance. The entire procedure, start to finish, only takes one visit.

When Should I Consider a Crown or Veneer?

We also offer other forms of restoration to repair a tooth. For more serious damage we may suggest placing a dental crown. If you prefer a more lifelike alternative to bonding, we can also place veneers onto the front of the teeth. Both restorations are made from ceramic, known for its durability and stain-resistant properties. If you have any questions about cosmetic bonding, or any of our other repair options, then please contact our office today.