Check Out Our Back-To-School Giveaway

Kids across the country are headed back to school. We always recommend kids and families have their smiles looked at before the school year starts. That way we can perform cleanings, checkups, and offer treatments before school fills your day and extracurricular activities fill your evenings. As part of our back-to-school promotion, Dr. Calcagno and her team are giving away free gift cards.

We’re Giving Away Target Giftcards!

We will be giving away five Target gift cards! We have the cards placed in a series of folders. If you pick the right one, you get a gift card! To get your chance to open a folder, just mention our post on Facebook and schedule a future appointment during your next visit. You will then have a chance to pick a folder and hopefully, pick a prize! Remember, there are only five so don’t wait too long to visit our office.

Going Back to School?

Are you one of many patients starting a new school year or semester? Then we wish you luck and hope your year is a fun and educational one. In addition, we want you to remember to take good care of your smile. Caring for your smile from home is essential to avoiding tooth decay and gum disease as well as limiting the severity of teeth stains. Just follow these simple steps:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day, two minutes each session
  • Floss everyday before going to bed
  • Cut back on sugary foods and drinks
  • Avoiding smoking or tobacco use
  • See your dentist if you notice any discomfort or changes in your teeth or gums

Remember, we’re always here with convenient office hours to see you when your schedule allows! We also offer free cosmetic consultations for new patients.