Do You Need Cosmetic Dentistry? Part One

How do you feel about your smile’s appearance? We talk to many patients who feel less than thrilled about their smile due to various issues with their teeth’s appearance, such as discoloration or misshapen teeth. We can correct these issues with cosmetic dental care. Do you need cosmetic dentistry? How do you know if your smile will benefit from these procedures?

What Causes Teeth Stains and Other Issues?

Why do our teeth develop discoloration? A variety of factors can lead to discoloration, including:

  • Foods high in sugar and other starches
  • Drinks containing dark pigments (coffee, soda, red wine, tea, fruit juice)
  • Injury to the teeth
  • Fluorosis (overexposure to fluoride at a young age)
  • Tetracycline use at a young age

There are also other issues that can lead to problems with your smile’s appearance. For example, an injury can lead to damaged or misshapen teeth. Misalignment can lead to an uneven smile. Bruxism (teeth grinding) can wear down teeth.

Can These Problems Impact Oral Health?

In some cases, yes. For an example, teeth that are worn down or damaged as a result of injury or bruxism can expose sensitive tissue to harmful bacteria, allowing a greater risk of infection or tooth decay. In addition, misalignment makes thorough brushing and flossing difficult, which also increases the risk of tooth decay and gum disease. As you can see, improving the beauty of your smile can also have a major impact on your overall oral health as well.

Our Complimentary Consultation

If you would like to start down the road towards a healthier and more beautiful smile, then give us a call. We actually offer a complimentary cosmetic consultation for our new patients. We will carefully examine your smile, using advanced technology to obtain and precise and accurate diagnosis of your smile. We can then discuss which cosmetic treatment options will best address your smile.