What Are The Advantages Of Invisalign?

At Calcagno Cosmetic and Family Dentistry, we know that an even smile can improve your appearance and help you feel more confident about your smile. We offer a system that employs clear aligners instead of metal braces to correct misalignment. In fact, our own Dr. Calcagno is a Invisalign Premier Preferred Provider. What are the advantages of Invisalign? How do they compare to traditional braces?

Common Questions About Invisalign’s Advantages

Question: Do I need to change how I eat?

Answer: With braces, hard foods could potentially damage your orthodontics and sticky foods could become trapped, increasing the risk of tooth decay in the process. However, with aligners you can simply remove your orthodontics before each meal, meaning you no longer have to change how you eat. You can also more thoroughly brush and floss your teeth, which helps protect your smile from stains and tooth decay.

Question: How visible are the aligners?

Answer: The aligners are actually made from clear plastic, which means they are barely noticeable when worn. For adults and teens this makes the Invisalign system more attractive.

Question: Are they comfortable to wear?

Answer: Many people report the plastic aligners are more comfortable than metal braces, cutting back on the gum and cheek sensitivity often accompanying metal orthodontics.

Question: Who can wear them?

Answer: We recommend them for patients over the age of 16. We also suggest them for patients who have minor misalignment, as serious malocclusion is best addressed with metal orthodontics. We can examine your smile and decide if this is the best choice for your smile. In fact, we even offer a free cosmetic consultation for new patients. If you have any questions about the advantages of Invisalign then please contact our office today.