How Do I Remove Teeth Stains? Part One

This week we’re taking a two part look at removing teeth stains. Today, we’ll focus on what causes teeth stains. By understating the factors behind your discoloration you can make better decisions that help prevent them. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss how to remove discoloration and help prevent the severity of future discoloration.

The Foods and Drinks We Consume

When we consume foods and drinks with a high amount of sugar the rate of plaque buildup can worsen. Bacteria breaks down the sugar particles caught between your teeth, leaving a sticky layer of plaque (which weakens tooth enamel) on the teeth. Consuming healthier foods and snacks not only improves your nutritional intake, but helps keep your smile bright as well.

In addition, drinks with dark pigments can make stains more likely to appear. You may need to consider cutting back on coffee, soda, red wine, fruit juice, and tea. Drinking water hydrates and doesn’t leave any discoloration behind.

Other Factors

Of course, teeth stains aren’t only caused by the foods and drinks we consume. Smoking and tobacco use can leave discoloration behind (and also increase the risk of oral, throat, and lung cancer). In addition, injury to the teeth can lead to discoloration. Fluorosis and tetracycline use as a young child can also lead to teeth stains.

Try a Free Cosmetic Consultation  

If you have stained teeth, then schedule a free cosmetic consultation. We will uncover the cause of your teeth stains and assess the severity of your discoloration. We can then recommend the most appropriate treatment options. If you have any questions about teeth whitening, or if you would like to schedule a visit, then please contact our office today.