How Do You Repair Chipped Teeth?

If you’re involved in a sports accident, or even if you bite down in a hard piece of food, you can potentially chip a tooth. We recommend having a damaged tooth repaired right away. Otherwise, there is a risk of further complications developing. How do you repair a chipped tooth? Will you need cosmetic or restorative treatments to repair your tooth?

Common Questions About Repairing Chipped Teeth

Question: What happens if a chipped tooth isn’t treated?

Answer: In some cases, the chip may actually be serious enough that bacteria can bypass the protective layer of enamel. Below the enamel is the dentin, a sensitive layer of tooth structure. Bacteria can cause decay to form in the dentin, leading to cavities and eventually, a higher risk of an infection.

Question: How do I respond to a chipped tooth?

Answer: If you chip a tooth, see if you can recover the missing pieces of the tooth. If not, that’s okay, just see the dentist right away. On the way to the office you can apply a cold compress to the side of the face to reduce swelling and place a piece of gauze on the tooth to stem bleeding.

Question: Will I need dental bonding?

Answer: In many cases we can correct minor chips with a cosmetic treatment. Bonding uses composite resin to repair tooth. The material is cured under a light and the tooth is polished. The entire procedure takes just one visit. We can also use bonding to close gaps between teeth and to mask permanent discoloration.

Question: When will the dentist recommend a crown?

Answer: We may recommend a crown if the damage is too severe for bonding. We use CEREC technology to create and place a lifelike and custom-made dental crown in just one visit.