Do You Have Questions About Cosmetic Treatment?

Cosmetic dentistry employs procedures designed to improve the appearance of your smile. We can use them to help you enjoy a more attractive smile and hopefully, greater self-confidence in your appearance. Do you have questions about cosmetic treatment? Which options will best address your esthetic concerns?

Frequently Asked Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry

Question: How do I erase teeth stains?

Answer: We have multiple options for addressing teeth stains. Professional teeth whitening allows us to remove stains from the teeth. After an initial office treatment, you take a bleaching gel and set of trays home with you. You fill the trays and wear them for a set amount of time each day for a week to ten days. We can also mask teeth stains with either veneers or dental bonding.

Question: What if my smile is uneven?

Answer: If you have crooked or crowded teeth we have practically invisible orthodontic options. Six Month Smiles uses clear brackets and tooth-colored wires to correct uneven smiles in about three to six months. Invisalign allows us to use clear aligners to improve your smile’s alignment in about a year.

Question: How do you fix chipped teeth?

Answer: If a tooth is chipped we can use dental bonding to restore the lost structure. We can also place dental veneers over the front of the teeth, restoring the missing portion and completely changing the shade and shape of the tooth.

Question: Can you address multiple issues with one procedure?

Answer: Yes. We’ve mentioned veneers already. They are a thin shell of porcelain placed over the front of the teeth. Veneers then mask multiple issues, such as malformed teeth, stains, minor alignment issues, or gaps between teeth. In as little as two visits you can obtain a more attractive smile. If you have questions about our cosmetic treatments, then contact our office today.