Could Restorative Dentistry Help Save Your Smile?

Have you been suffering for weeks or even months with dental discomfort, yet have delayed treatment for fear what would be required to restore your oral health? Perhaps you have had a dental crown in the past, and were unhappy with the way it changed the look of your smile? Some patients experienced discomfort when fitted with metal fillings or dental crowns. Fortunately modern dental advancements have made it possible for patients to receive comfortable and confidence-inducing smile restorations, like seamless tooth fillings and dental crowns. So if you would like to smile proudly, while still protecting damaged teeth, here is how your general dentist could help.

Small and Big Dental Problems Can Often Be Addressed Through Restoration

From chips and cracks to infected teeth, restorative dentistry provides ways to help protect damaged teeth against further decay, erosion, wear, or even the need for extraction. The key is to seek restorative treatment at the first sign of trouble, before a dental problem has the opportunity to worsen with time.

If you seek restoration quickly, less invasive treatment will usually be sufficient. For instance, cavities can be treated with simple bonded fillings, if treated promptly. The longer you delay treatment, however, the more likely your pain is to worsen, and an infection could even develop, requiring the need for root canal treatment.

In the case of chips and cracks, time and normal wear from chewing, can cause them to worsen, making these more than cosmetic issues. Dental crowns can help bear the brunt of one’s chewing, allowing a damaged tooth to remain intact beneath the crown. In addition to addressing damaged teeth, crowns can be used to protect teeth after root canal treatment, and even as part of a dental prostheses to help a patient cope with tooth loss.