Safeguard Your Kid’s Smiles During Summer

Summer break has arrived! If you have children, then they’re now home from school or will be shortly. How do you help safeguard your children’s smiles during summer break? As a parent, there are steps you can take to help protect little smiles from the onset of tooth decay.

Tips for Heather Smiles During Summer

  1. Drink More Water: When you drink water you stay hydrated and don’t put your smile at risk. When you drink soda, energy drinks, or sports drinks you increase the risk of tooth decay forming. We always suggest opting for water to keep you and your children’s smiles healthy and decay-free.
  2. Offer Healthier Snack Options: Instead of relying on candy and chips, why not offer a healthier alternative? Fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, sugar-free gum, and low-fat yogurt are all examples of heathier snack options.
  3. Brush Correctly: How long do you brush? We recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for no less than two minutes per session. In addition, we suggest using a toothbrush with soft bristles, as brushing too hard with medium or hard bristles can actually wear down tooth enamel.
  4. Floss nightly: You should floss your teeth every night before going to bed. When you floss you remove food particles from between your teeth, which reduces your chances of developing tooth decay or gingivitis.
  5. See Your Dentist for Checkups/Cleanings: During the summer you can make appointments for you and your family without worrying about kids missing school or after school activities. Remember, maintaining a healthy smile also means having it examined and cleaned about once every six months. If you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a visit, then please contact our office today.