Why Does My Tooth Hurt?

Do you have a persistent toothache that refuses to go away? Do you suffer from tooth sensitivity to hot or cold temperatures? When your tooth hurts this is often a sign of a problem, one that requires treatment before it can have the opportunity to worsen. Why does your tooth hurt? Talk to our team to find out!

Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Pain

Question: Can a toothache be a sign of decay?

Answer: Yes. When a cavity forms, you may initially notice tooth sensitivity to hot or cold food/drinks. As the issue progresses, a toothache may form that won’t subside after 48 hours. At this point, you may need to see the dentist to find out if you need treatment for a cavity.

Question: Does an infection cause a toothache?

Answer: Yes. An infection occurs when a cavity remains untreated, allowing bacteria to reach the tooth’s nerve center, also known as the pulp. The infection can lead to toothaches, pain when chewing, swelling near the teeth, and fever. Treatment is needed to prevent the infection from essentially killing the tooth, which would then require extraction. We can address an infected tooth with a root canal procedure.

Question: What happens if a tooth becomes chipped or cracked?

Answer: A chipped or cracked tooth leaves the sensitive tooth layers beneath the enamel exposed, increasing the risk of a cavity or infection forming. If you notice a chip or fracture, contact us immediately to discuss restoration options. Tooth pain, such as aches or sensitivity, could also be a warning sign of a fracture.

Question: How do you fix a toothache?

Answer: That depends on the cause. For a cavity, we may place a filling or a crown. For an infection, root canal therapy may be prescribed. If a tooth is damaged then we can discuss dental bonding, veneers, or a crown to correct the problem.