How Long Does Crown Placement Take?

In many cases, a doctor may recommend a dental restoration to repair a tooth or protect it from serious oral health concerns. If you do require a dental crown, how long will placement take? We understand that many of our patients have hectic schedules, so we employ CEREC technology to offer placement in just one visit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Placement

Question: When do you need dental crowns?

Answer: We recommend restorations when a tooth develops decay too severe for a filling, an infection requiring a root canal, or if a tooth becomes chipped or fractured. They can also help replace missing teeth by securing a dental bridge or restoring a dental implant.

Question: How long does placement take?

Answer: In the past, placement took between two and three visits. However, we can now use CEREC technology to create and place a dental restoration in a single visit.

Question: What are they made from?

Answer: We use ceramic to create our crowns. This material is strong, stain-resistant, and reflects light in a similar manner as tooth enamel, ensuring your tooth looks natural after placement. With proper care, your new restoration could last for decades.

Question: How do you maintain your new restorations?

Answer: You should continue to brush and floss regularly, brushing twice a day (in the morning and again before bed) and flossing once (before going to bed). Doing so removes food particles and harmful bacteria that could threaten a tooth’s stability over time. In addition, we recommend seeing the dentist for a checkup and cleaning about once every six months. The doctor monitors your restoration, as well as your oral health. If you have any questions about CEREC or crown placement, then please contact our office today.