Can You Fix My Smile In One Day?

If you’re ashamed or embarrassed of your smile, it’s probably time to visit your dentist. Whether you’re missing a tooth, dealing with a damaged tooth, or even tooth discoloration – your dentist may be able to fix your smile in just one day! If your dentist recommends placing a dental crown to help restore your smile, you may be interested in single-day crowns. Typically, the process of placing a crown takes multiple appointments (usually two) in order to take impressions and create the crown itself. But, this may not be for everyone – when could you benefit from single-day crowns?

When Do You Need A Crown?

There are many situations in which you could benefit from a dental crown (whether it’s placed in one appointment or two).

First and foremost, one of the most common reasons for a crown is to restore a severely decayed tooth. When tooth decay damages a large portion of your tooth’s structure, a dental filling may not be strong enough to hold the tooth together. Or, your dentist may recommend a crown to restore your tooth from a break or crack.

While dental crowns are commonly used for restorative purposes, they’re often used for cosmetic purposes as well! For example, reshaping a tooth or covering severe discoloration are two common situations where you could benefit from a crown.

How Do Single-Day Crowns Work?

The process for placing a crown in the same day works differently than the traditional process. Instead of taking an impression, your dentist uses images of your tooth imported into an advanced software (known as CEREC) to mold your crown. Then, the dental crown is actually manufactured right there in the office!

Fixing your smile doesn’t need to be complicated – contact us today!